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‘Werk thuis, tenzij het niet anders kan’. Werk thuis, tenzij het niet anders kan. Dat is nodig om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te voorkomen. Thuiswerken vraagt aanpassingsvermogen en aandacht voor lichamelijke en mentale gezondheid. Met jouw leidinggevende heb je afspraken gemaakt over wat je moet doen als je hulp nodig hebt wanneer je voor een bedrijf thuis werkt (bijvoorbeeld als je thuis letsel oploopt of ziek wordt). Gebruik de navolgende checklist om jouw thuiswerkplek te controleren.

ATTORNEY VAN LEEUWEN’s private client-oriented practice concentrates on individuals as well as families and provides them with advice associated with the accumulation, management and transfer of personal assets. He is able to provide legal services to influential individuals as he understands their specific needs and requirements.

Regardless of the extent and scope of an investigation, police are bound by constraints imposed upon them by Dutch Police Force Law and Dutch Constitution. If a prosecutor believes you stepped outside your lawful bounds as an officer, you can find yourself facing serious criminal charges of (military) police misconduct.

The public sector is the part of an economy in which goods and services are produced and/or (re)distributed by government agencies. Civil servants working for government entities are public sector employees, whereas those employed by private employers not affiliated with government are private sector employees.

More than ever, real estate lies at the heart of fundamental and strategic issues for actors in both the private and public sphere, in both their private or professional life. To clearly and more simply understand complex regulations that bring together increasingly broad and varied sources, it is essential to seek the best advice.

MR. B.A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., ESQ), attorney at law, advises on management and operational issues including commercial leases, management contracts, management lease agreements, human resources management and tax issues. MR. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., ESQ) is also highly proficient in all issues related to the construction, renovation and delivery of hotel and restaurant buildings. MR. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., ESQ) offers advice on hospitality investments, sale and refinancing transactions and any other legal issues specific to the hotel and restaurant industries.